Carrie Jo Howe is an ordinary mother who appreciates the effort it takes to raise a family.  She has lived in Glen Ellyn, Illinois for 20 years. She and her husband Tom have three boys and a dog.  Carrie considers herself just slightly smarter than the dog - but not on a regular basis.

Carrie Jo grew and grew and grew up in New Jersey.

She attended DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana with degrees in Economics and French.  She cannot remember anything about either of those two subjects.  She worked in the mortgage industry for 10 years... she promises that she is not responsible for the housing bubble.  When she wasn’t worrying about other people’s money, she was writing a  book in her head.  After spending an hour looking for the car keys that were in her hand, she decided that perhaps it was time to put pen to paper before she started wearing her underwear outside of her jeans.

Her book Motherhood is NOT for Babies, a story of Dating, Mating and Procreating, is the result of a need for her to share.  Truth is stranger than fiction.  And... strange enough, these stories are all true (ish).

The Author

The author circa 1995 (mommy drinks because you cry).